Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not guilty doesn't mean innocent

The fact remains that the police told that racist killer Zimmerman to stay in his vehicle and not to pursue Trayvon Martin.  And he disobeyed them, got out, chased Martin down, and gunned him down in cold blood. 

That doesn't make him innocent.  That makes him a murderer who got lucky to have gotten a shitty prosecutor who couldn't put together a strong case.  It also makes him the beneficiary of a twisted law that protects killers who use handguns to murder with. 


Nan said...

I heard an interesting comment on NPR this morning that underscored the crappy prosecution: at no point did the jury apparently get told explicitly that "stand your ground" does not apply if you're the person who starts the fight. The prosecutor may have tap danced around that fact, but when you're dealing with a jury sometimes you have to do the verbal equivalent of spelling something out in neon letters 10 feet high.

My personal take on the verdict is that the jury found Trayvon guilty; most of the proceedings reminded me of a rape trial -- attack the victim and persuade the jury the defendant did the victim a favor.

gmb said...

I hope he has to look over his shoulder for the rest of his filthy fucking life.