Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Freedom of speech and it's consquences

Mormon author Orson Scott Card, a science fiction writer, has railed for years against gays and marriage equality.  He wants anti sodomy laws brought back and he wants them vigorously enforced because, well, gay sex is just super icky and under no circumstances should those icky gays have anything close to the same rights he enjoys.  And to top all of this off, he's on the board of the National Organization for Marriage, aka NOM, a virulently anti gay and anti marriage equality organization. 

And all that is perfectly acceptable for him to say, after all it's his freedom of speech and he can use it the way he likes.  I don't like what he's got to say, but he can say it if he wants.

Conversely, people who support marriage equality and equality in general for gay folks, can call him an asshole homophobe who is living in a twisted hate filled world.  They can also proclaim loudly that they won't buy his books or see any films that get made based on his books because he's such hate filled bigot.  That's their right to say that, they are using their freedom of speech, just like Card is doing when he says those awful hateful things about gay people.

Well, now, Card is begging people to show him and his outdated view a little tolerance and he's begging people not to boycott the big budget film adaption of his novel Ender's Game.  He wants those he's demonized and agitated against for years to put aside their hatred of his rhetoric and his repugnant Mormon based world view and go see the film based on his book.  No, really, he does. He's pleading for tolerance of his intolerance.

And to Mr. Card I say, fuck you.  I will never ever support your work in any way you disgusting bigot.  You and your church have said black and native American peoples were second class citizens for many years and you still believe the same thing about gay folks.  The hatred for them is evident in every vitriolic comment you make.  Fuck you sir, fuck you with a chainsaw.  You will not make one penny off me.  I will never buy one of your books, nor will I ever see a film based on them.  I will not even check one of your books out of the library.  And I will tell anyone who will listen that you are a homophobic misanthropic piece of Mormon shit.  I will not tolerate your intolerance.  I will use my freedom of speech to denounce you whenever I get the chance.  You only care about tolerance when it affects your bank account and when intolerance is aimed at you for a change.  Marriage equality won't affect your marriage in any way at all.  Affording the same rights to gay people that you enjoy won't cause the world to end or turn you into a gay man.  The only reason I can see why you're so anti gay is deep inside that feverish mind of yours, you're secretly afraid that you might be gay yourself and that terrifies you.

Seriously, get the fuck over your hateful self.


gmb said...

Bless you, Dr. Monkey. That was fabulous.

Christine said...

Bold. Underlined. Seriously. Fuck you.

Abonilox said...

With you on that & OSC is overrated. Enders Game bored me to tears so any movie version will suck suck suck.