Friday, July 12, 2013

Culinary horror

 They put everything in the fridge on that fucking sandwich.

 Chicken croquettes doused in cream sauce and peas or vomit, you decide.

 Tamale hero sandwiches with pickle-sicles.

That's crab tomato gelatin.  Calling it 'aspic' doesn't make it sound more appealing.

I grew up on the tail end of this awful era in cuisine.  It was truly a frightening time to be alive and eating.


Devilham said...

Seriously, the aspic thing was an abomination

Whiskeymarie said...

In the 70's & early 80's my Mom insisted on making lime jello with onions, celery & carrots in it. Gross. We also had "slop" (jello mixed with cool-whip & fruit cocktail) at every holiday dinner.

Call it jello, call it aspic- yukko either way.

C said...

Pic 2: definitely vomit. Ugh.

gmb said...

I grew up in a house with my grandparents who were off the boat from Sicily. They owned a corner grocery store, and my grandmother was the best cook in the neighborhood (and it was filled with other Sicilians and southern Italians). I never saw aspic/jello anything and I thought some things people ate--like bologna sandwiches on wonder bread with mayo--were appalling. I was very lucky.

Nan said...

Lime jello -- the fallback food for every Lutheran potluck. Put Cool Whip on it and it's a dessert; slather it with Miracle Whip and it's a salad.