Sunday, June 9, 2013

What were the '80's all about for young women?

 Ads from April 1987 Seventeen magazine are here to tell you!

The '80's were all about

 showing off your acid washed jeans.

 Learning how to be a cougar.
 Laughing at old people and nerds.
 Being coked out of your gills.
 Doing fun stuff with your gay pals.
 And smelling nice down under.
 Having fun on your period!
 And hanging out in your underwear in public,
 and at home.
But above all, it the 1980's for young women were all about staying dangerously thin.


gmb said...

I feel an 80s revival coming on. Hope not. I have naturally square shoulders, so those shoulder pads were even more ridiculous on me than the others. Trying to buy a jacket was insane.

phairhead said...

Very always!

Professor Chaos said...

Dammit, why does no one hang out in their underwear anymore?

beatgrl said...

I remember that last ad. Yikes!

Brewella Deville said...

An 80's revival? Bite your tongue, gmb.