Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What do you think about the Paula Deen situation?

 "It's political correctness run amok!  Old white people and the KKK will never stop loving her."

 "There's a Paul Deen situation?  Did her food finally kill someone quickly?"

 "She's not coming back to Food Network, I'm pretty bummed about it.  Who will I masturbate to on that channel now?  Ina Garten?  Puh-leeze."

 "I'll never be able to eat chicken fried doughnut laced ice cream again without thinking of her."

 "I've never used the 'n' word.  I prefer to call those people 'cannon fodder.' "

 "I'd blame the diabetes if I was her."

 "The damn Jew controlled liberal media just can't stand to see a strong proud southern racist woman succeed.  That's why they're tearing her down."

"She's got a net worth of $17 million, she'll be fine.  That is, as long as she didn't blow all her money on frilly blouses, fancy hats, and ranch dressing."


dguzman said...

The last guy was dead on.

gmb said...

Yep. And she'll always have her fan base going to her restaurants and sending her knowing looks.

Brewella Deville said...

Good riddance. Let her rot, along with every one of her defenders.