Monday, June 17, 2013

50 years ago today

The US Supreme Court held that it was unconstitutional for public school administrations to lead children in prayer or for them to allow anyone to lead children in any kind of religious prayer.  It did not rule that kids could not pray if they wanted to.  Kids can and still can pray, silently, or aloud in schools.  No one is preventing any child in any public school from praying.  No one is forcing kids not to pray.

But if they did, would you be comfortable with your kids being forced to pray to Allah?  Or to the Flying Spaghetti Monster?  The vocal and annoying Christian majority in this country wants your kids to be only indoctrinated by Christian ministers, they'd have a fit if any other religion tried to recruit and brainwash school children. 

The Supreme Court ruling was just and correct.  No school should allow it's administration to lead kids in prayer.  No religion should have a preference over another.  And yet schools violate the rules all the time.  They used to bring in gospel acts and ministers to preach at us in my old high school and if I had complained, the people in Lee county VA would have run me out of town or strung me up. 

Once again, religion divides us all.  Only when we leave that stone age shit behind will be get ahead.

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gmb said...

What's worse is that some of the uber rich are feeding that frenzy to distract us while they raid the Treasury. What some people will do for money is just appalling. I wish I believed in hell, because I would know where the Kochs, Cheney, the Bushes and Clintons, the Mellon Sciafes, etc. were going.