Saturday, May 18, 2013

Attack of the three headed movie review!

I quite liked this meta horror film, despite the  fact that my beloved Anna Hutchinson had to die early on in it.  The whole thing took me by surprise and the ending was fittingly not a sweet happy pat one.  All in all, well done and highly recommended.

 You hear Citizens Band described as 'charming' or 'quirky' and or 'charmingly quirky' all the time.  It came out in 1977 and I've missed seeing all these years until last night.  And yes, it's quirky, but it's also so very dated.  It tells the intersecting stories of some people in a small town during the height of the 1970's CB craze, which I lived through and remember vividly.  It's got all the '70's movies tropes, the sexy swinging trucker, liberated women who still have to have a man, CB radio use, lots of coffee drinking, bad fashion, and magical old men who somehow just can't connect with their sons but who bring the whole town together.

I suppose when it came out it was kind of cute but now it's just kind of tiring and very 1970's.  It's not bad, it's just not that great.  It's like the director Demme was doing his best Robert Altman impression on film.  I'm not recommending it, but it's not horrible.

Lush and beautiful but workman like adaption of Yann Martel's fine novel.  I liked it but some of it seemed stagy and forced.  It's beautiful to look at and the kid playing young Pi is a delight but the fact the tiger is CGI never left my mind.  I loved the book and I liked the film.  Recommended.

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McGriddle Pants said...

I really liked Life of Pi -- especially considering its a Yang Li movie (remember Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?)

Very fanciful, but still moving and loved that the true story still hit home :)