Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Film reviews

Licence to Kill-The best of the two Timothy Dalton Bond films.  Dalton goes after a drug lord who's awash in money.  It's a dark violent Bond film filled with really sexy women (Carey Lowell and Talisa Soto, yum!) and spectacular stunts.  The chase scene at the end with the tractor trailers was mind boggling. Dalton's Bond wasn't bad and in fact this film is in my top 5 best loved Bond films of all time.

Viva Riva!-I liked this highly entertaining African gangster film.  Riva blows into a fuel starved town with a truck load of gas and he's looking to make a killing selling it.  In the process he manages to piss off the guys he stole the gas from and a local gangster who's woman he steals.  Everybody wants a piece of him and in the end most everybody gets it but they all pay the price.  The Africanness of this film is what makes it so good, well, that and the performances.

McCabe and Mrs. Miller-This revisionist western directed by Robert Altman is a triumph of realism over everything else.  There's not much to the plot, McCabe (Warren Beatty) sets up a brothel in a Colorado mountain town, he falls in love with the woman who runs his brothel (Julie Christie as Mrs. Miller), and he runs afoul of some land speculators. It's all nice to look at, the lengths they went to make it all so realistic are quite something to behold but the story left me cold.  If you're a die hard Altman fan, then this is your film, if not then skip it.

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Brewella Deville said...

I am an Altman fan, but can you believe I haven't seen this one yet? I'm just going to have put it on the to see list.