Monday, April 22, 2013

Encyclopedia illustrations tell you how to get the girl of your dreams

"Wear ascots."
 "Get a fashion forward haircut."
 "Use your sexy male pattern baldness."
 "Goatees, bitches love goatees."
 "Give her a fifth."
 "Hit on her slowly, over time."
 "Wear a crazy ass ruffled collar."
 "Quote Bible verses to her."
 "Methinks a rakish hat will do the trick."
 "Use a crane."
"Two words: body odor."


Margaret Benbow said...

Disraeli is my favorite. Although those ruffled collars sort of wrap the person up like a gift. Cool!

McGriddle Pants said...

Sit on her slowly over time, AHHAHA!!

Professor Chaos said...

I wish I could wear an ascot and the ruffled collar at the same time. Man, I'd be the mayor of Ladytown in that getup!