Saturday, February 9, 2013

Remember these signs when you go to Expo '67 in Montreal


C said...

These are great. I'm fascinated by pictograms - that reduction of a message into the most basic, flat imagery, and yet we still know what it means (well, hopefully...)
I love that 'Don't touch' one especially.

gmb said...

That would be great mounted and framed. It's beautiful. And why not? In other countries, they care that public things be useful and beautiful.

Brian Busby said...

Two observations:

The International Symbol of Access (the blue wheelchair sign) was designed in 1968, the year after Expo '67.

The International Symbol of Access is - incredibly - under copyright. The Expo sign is not.

Ah, but there's money to be made.

Dr. MVM said...

One observation Brian, those pages came DIRECTLY from the handbook of the 1967 Expo in Montreal.

Brian Busby said...

I suppose I could've been a bit more clear. My point is that the Expo 67 signs were designed before the ISA. So, it seems that Rehabilitation International who hold copyright to the later design, owe some credit - if not more - to the hand behind that old Expo 67 sign.

I've got a copy of the above in the Guide officiel/Official Guide... and, if you can believe it, I remember many of these from my Montreal youth.