Sunday, February 3, 2013

No, seriously, fuck YOU

This week's fuck you's go out to:

  • Stacy Campfield: for trying to take food out of the mouths of poor kids.  Fuck you, you closeted cock loving piece of shit.
  • The archdiocese of Los Angeles: for covering up the sex crimes of their priests for so long.  Fuck you, you child raping pieces of shit.
  • The NRA: for keeping guns in the hands of criminals and psychos.  Fuck you, you bunch of paranoid kill happy fucktards.
  • President Obama: for continuing drone strikes, not prosecuting Wall Street bankers, and for shooting skeet.  Fuck you, you fucking phony.
  • Rain: for falling so god damn much this week where I live.  Fuck you, you fucking fucks for not falling when I need you, like in the dead of summer.
  • Brewing companies who keep making pale ales: your beer tastes like shit.  Fuck you, you bad beer making sons of bitches.
  • My hands and feet: for getting cold and staying cold.  Fuck you, you bastards.  Would it kill you to get warm sooner?  
  • People who annoy me: for annoying me.  Duh.  Fuck you, you annoying fuckers.  
  • The Superbowl: for all the hoopla and stupidity that you bring to my life.  Fuck you, you bloated waste of time.
Now, piss off and enjoy your Sunday.

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