Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Great job, you!

People and things doing great jobs need to be recognized so this week a big 'Great job, you!' goes out to:

  • Paul Krugman for not letting that crazy Carly Fiorina get away with lying about who and what government employees are and do.
  • The parents of all those beautiful Canadian women on my TV.  My hat is off to you people, you're the best at making babies ever.
  • My lower intestine and bowels.  Thanks for all the good work you both do for me.  
  • The casts of the following shows I'm watching or have watched on Netflix: 'Small Time Gangster,' 'Crash,' 'Todd and the book of Pure Evil,' 'Lip Service,' 'Fawlty Towers,' and 'Supernatural.'
  • Snow.  You've been spectacular this year.  You fall on Thursday or Friday and you're gone in a few days.  
  • The free book table at Moody's Books in Johnson City.  I've been finding a slew of great scan worthy books on you lately, well done you.
  • The Libation Station.  I hate your cigar stink but your beer selection is divine.
  • DSL internet.  Every day it's on and every day it reminds me how much Charter Cable's over priced internet sucked.  
  • My local library.  It's got the best collection of graphic novels and cookbooks around.  And if you ask them nicely, they'll get books you request.

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