Monday, February 11, 2013

Drone on

Obama leaked that drone memo so we'd all know how 'tough on terrorism' he is.  He wants to make sure we all see him go one step further in this fictional war on terror than his buddy Bush did.  Remember when he said all that shit Bush and Cheney did was bad and that he was going to stop it and get us back on true moral track?  Yeah, turned out that was a load of horseshit.

The fact is Obama is as much the imperial above the law president that Bush was and he's only going to get worse. Congress will refuse to reign him in because one day they know a Republican will be in the White House and they will want him to have unchecked power to kill his enemies that Obama enjoys now.  Welcome to the cesspit USA, murder capital of the world.

There was a time when we pretended that all American had equal protection under the law, and for those of you who are intellectually challenged, that means we were, at least on paper, protected from the government.  But in practice we all know that only rich white capitalists have equal protection under the law.  If you're black, red, brown, poor, gay, female, Muslim, atheist, yellow, or any other minority in this country, then you were always pretty much fucked.  That's still true and now we have the added bonus that if the Obama and all subsequent administrations decide you're a threat to the USA, they can kill you any where, any time.  They can declare you a terrorist and all your rights go out the window.

That's not the change I voted for back in 2008.  And based on his record that's why I couldn't vote for Obama in 2012.  He's fucked us hard on this and he's pushing his knobby pulsating cock further in us every day.  If McCain or Romney had been pulling this shit, liberals would have been screaming for impeachment.  But because the man they anointed as their messiah is doing it, then it's cool because he's a Democrat and he has to be tough on terrorism all the time.

You people who don't speak up and out about this miscarriage of justice are fucking dopes.  You don't deserve your civil liberties or the freedoms they are taking from you.  Make no mistake, I'm no tea bagger, right winger, libertarian, or Republican.  I'm a left wing liberal socialist progressive who is pissed as hell that a Democrat is taking us down this path.  Obama is no left winger or socialist or Communist.  He's a been bought by the corporations and he's 100% owned by the military prison industrial complex.  And if you can see that, then you're not looking because you live in a fantasy dreamland of your own making, you idiots.

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gmb said...

I'm right there with you, Dr. Monkey. He gave away who he was with his FISA vote and everything else confirms it. Meanwhile, where are the investigations of the Wall Street criminals? Oh wait, they aren't criminals, they're "savvy businessmen."