Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Monkey Movie Review

In 1950's Britain two women, a school teacher and an unhappily married wife, strike up a friendship.  It sustains them through the stultifying environment they both live in but when the teacher leaves, the unhappy wife is left puzzled and forlorn.  Her lout of a husband slowly pieces it all together and he decides it's best if he just left since he's never going to be loved like he wants anyway. 

This film moves slowly and it's kind of a downer for the most part but by the end it redeems itself, kind of.  It's got one of those popular ambiguous endings that independent filmmakers love so much these days.  The two female leads do a swell job of showing us the longing their characters feel and they say more in their glances, silences, and sighs than their dialogue ever does.  All in all it's a evocative period piece that's haunting, unsettling, and very well put together.  It's not the sort of film I usually watch but I'm trying to clean out my Netflix instant queue and in the end, I'm glad I saw this one.  I recommend it.

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