Friday, November 9, 2012

What I'm watching

It's been over a year since we dumped cable for our streaming Roku device.  In that year we've seen countless movies, TV shows, and more.  And we've only been without streaming for about two hours in that whole year.  When we had shitty Charter Cable, we'd be down for days at a time and have huge swaths of channels that we paid for but could not get.  Lately I've been watching some really great stuff on Netflix and HuluPlus.  Among the TV shows I'm currently enjoying are:

I'm blown away by this great Aussie import on Netflix.  They started streaming the second series first and I got hooked immediately, due in no small part to the outrageously hot Anna Hutchison.  I watched the first five episodes of the second series, which is about drug dealing gangsters and corrupt cops in 1970's Australia, and then I noticed that they put the first series on, so now I'm going back and watching the first series before I finish the second. 
The hotness that is Anna Hutchison.

I'm loving both series and I can't wait to see how they all play out.  I'm a huge fan of gangster/lowlife TV shows, and this one is chick full of gangsters, lowlifes, and hot women.  I highly recommend these series of shows.

Like Breaking Bad, I'm watching Hell on Wheels on Netflix.  I'm liking it, mainly due to the lengths they go to to make it look realistic.  The story is good too but the look of the series blows me away.  It's in a class with Deadwood and Robert Altman's alternative westerns of the 1970's.  I'm five episodes in and really enjoying it.

I've managed to get Sparky interested in Once Upon a Time.  I watched the first two episodes without her and I liked it but I had my doubts about whether she'd like it since she's not into the whole fantasy/sci fi scene.  But I told her about it, played the first two episodes of it for her and she's hooked like I am.  It reminds me of the comic book series Fables, which I guess is the point, they're kind of cashing in on that series of before DC can make a series of films based on their comic.  It's full of pretty women and it's well plotted so far. 

 I'm really enjoying this British import.  It's a comedy about a guy who stumbles into a job with MI5 and who is also dealing with his precocious young son and his ex wife and her boyfriend.  The kid is a mini adult who is miles ahead of others kids and is often smarter than all the adults he comes across.  His dad, the unlikely MI5 agent trainee, has trouble relating to the kid and that's the source of most of the comedy, the kid thinks he's a thick headed lunk and the father can't tell his kid he's training to be a secret agent.  I know the premise sounds a bit thin, but it's quite well done and I highly recommend it.

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Pete said...

Glad you like underbelly. Its particularly popular in Melbourne, Australia were organized crime bosses are popular heroes half way between Jesse James and Robin Hood. In that city the Police Union also rules (not the Police Commissioner). The Union owns nightclubs and other businesses apparently in collaboration with organized crime.