Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election wrap up, female edition

It's a good night for women, especially since Romney and the two US Senate candidates who wanted rape victims to be forced to carry their rapists babies lost, and also because super smart and super  hot Elizabeth Warren won her race in MA.  

Scott Brown tired to run as a moderate after voting like a conservative for two years.  Warren whipped his ass.  Her race showed just what a weak candidate they put up against Brown a couple years ago.

In other good news, Tammy Duckworth won her race in Illinois.
 She lost her legs in  George W. Bush's war on Iraq and she still kicked her awful opponent out of his seat in the House.  The guy she beat was a teabagger who cast aspersions on her service, was a deadbeat dad, and was a partisan hack who voted against every good thing that came down the pike. 

 And finally, Linda McMahon lost her US Senate race in CT.
She ran in 201o and got beat.  Evidently she's a slow learner or she thought maybe this time she'd be able to buy the seat she lost.  No such luck.  She got whipped by a guy who got more of the female vote than she did.  Odds are she'll go back into wrestling.  Or perhaps she'll try to buy a small country so she can rule over it.


Brewella Deville said...

I could listen to Duckworth respond to Walsh's garbage all day long. How refreshing to have someone like her in the mix.

dguzman said...

One hell of a night for real Americans over teabagger assholes who know NOTHING about patriotism or reality.

gmb said...

And then there is Tammy Baldwin, the first OPENLY gay senator ever. No doubt Mz. Lindsay Graham might protest, but he's not out.

kelsi said...

Duckworth and Warren and Maine and Maryland and Washington and Baldwin and Lachowicz and... I feel a glimmer of hope. A small one, but it's there.