Friday, October 19, 2012

Those wacky Romney's, they sure can bring the stupid.

  • Mitt, do you not realize people will call you on your lies about your days as governor of Massachusetts?  The only binders full of women you ever complied was binders full of female donors.  
  • Ann Romney, you're right serving as a missionary is just like serving in the military in a time of war, except that it's not.  Not by a long shot.  People who serve in the military are serving their country, missionaries on a church mission are serving their church.  But you're so fucking brainwashed you wouldn't see the difference would you?  
  • Tagg Romney, I don't recall you saying that you wanted to take a swing at any of the white guys in the Republican debates who called your daddy a liar.  Perhaps you only want to hit black people because deep down you still subscribe to your church's doctrine that says blacks are inferior to whites and therefore it's fine to fantasize about slugging them.  Or perhaps you just hate it that your rich white daddy got put in his place by a black man and an overweight woman.  Dude, get used to it, us white people will soon be in the minority. 
The level of rich white entitlement that the Romney family exudes is unbelievable.  They believe actually believe the lies they tell and what the adoring dolts on Fox News say about them. 

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Professor Chaos said...

I don't think they even realize that he FOXies hate them, too. They just promote them because they really really want to beat Obama.