Friday, August 3, 2012

Hey dumb ass

Eating chicken sandwiches to spite the gay folks you hate so much won't make you a good Christian.  That kind of shit won't make Jesus love you more.  If your hateful old ass would have bought a dozen of those sandwiches that you then gave to poor and homeless people, then Jesus might hate you a little less.

And no, for those of you who are easily conned, McDonald's, Burger King, nor Wendy's 'stands with Chick Fil-A.'  Those photos you see on the internet of signs that say they do, those were photoshopped you morons.

One final thing, you can use your freedom of speech to say anything you like.  The fact that you said doesn't mean I have to hear, or if I do hear it, tolerate it.  People who are opposing marriage equality are on the wrong side of history, just like those who used the Christian bible to prop up slavery, prevent women from being equal, and supporting segregation were.  No conservative, either a political or a religious one, ever supported granting equal rights to a minority group, this time is no different.  And just like all the other times, the conservatives will be defeated.


Mnmom said...

Yep, Evolution is a giant wheel that just keeps turning. You can walk on the top or be crushed underneath.

Nan said...

Well, Wendy's actually might. IIRC, they're owned by a Bible-thumping company, too, but they're not going to say so publicly. No corporation that deals with the public really wants to be identified one way or the other with anything controversial. I know the religious nutcases are crowing about the super good business CFA did this week, but the crowds they showed were in places like Atlanta. I found myself wondering just how the franchises in other regions, like Lansing, Michigan, were dealing with the mess.

Best Internet sign I saw (and I have no clue if it was legit or photoshopped) was a KFC -- "Chicken served without hate."

gmb said...

Personally, I hope they eat more of them, and wash them down with pitchers of soda. Wait a few decades, and the problem is solved.