Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Don't be stupid

Right wing conservatives love to twist history.  Facts be damned, they'll make history fit their narrative no matter what.  Some of their latest lies are:

  • The Sikh temple shooter in Wisconsin is a liberal.  The logic behind this one is that the shooter was a racist skinhead and racist skinheads are Neo Nazi.  Nazi, in German, means National Socialist Party.  Since the word 'Socialist' is in the word 'Nazi' all Nazis therefore are liberal socialists.  There's a problem with all that faulty logic.  The problem is Nazism is a fascist political movement and fascism is a right wing conservative ideology.  If you doubt what I'm telling you, look it up it's history or better yet, ask a Neo Nazi skinhead if he's a liberal and see what happens.
  •  It was Democrats who opposed civil rights for minorities, liberals were the ones with the water hoses trying to drown black folks.  This is nonsense and I have to go back to the end of the Civil War to show you why.  Abe Lincoln was a Republican, although today he'd be kept out of the party, he won the war, kept the union together, and freed the slaves.  For all that he was bitterly hated in the south.  For many years after the war being a Republican was not an option in my southern states, so even though many conservative southerners even though they agreed in principle with the Republican party, they refused to identify as a Republican.  So many who kept the machinery of Jim Crow segregation laws in place were in fact Democrats in name only.  They were conservatives, politically, religiously, and culturally.  Fast forward to the 1960's when LBJ got the Voting Rights Act passed.  Southern conservatives were outraged, they had fought desegregation and racial equality all along, and with the assurance that they could not suppress the black vote any longer, they finally jumped ship to the Republican party.  Go take a look back at conservative literature, books, magazines, films, and the like from the 1950's onward and you'll see that segregation and Jim Crow were two big parts of being conservative.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was anti union and a Republican.  King was in Memphis to show his support for the garbage workers strike.  He was shot the morning after delivering a fiery speech in support of unions.  He not only supported unions, he supported birth control, anti poverty programs that relied on taxing the rich, and he was against the war in Vietnam.  King was hated by conservatives back when he was alive, they claimed he was a Communist, a union lover, and a philanderer who preyed on white women.  Conservatives today try to co-opt him because he's not around to speak for himself.


gmb said...

I've turned off the tv and ignored these people for years. It's always the same thing. I just pay enough attention now so I know whether I have to pick up and leave, like jews living in Germany in the early 1930s.

Life As I Know It Now said...

Wow, do conservatives really think we are gonna believe that crap? Unbelievable!

Brian Busby said...

Yep, the Nazis were socialists, just like the German Democratic Republic was democratic. Ah, East Germany, such a bastion of freedom.

"...ask a Neo Nazi skinhead if he's a liberal and see what happens" is brilliant.