Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I'm planning

My plan is to make many more of these type of cutout cats, some fish, and some birds out of foamcore poster board.  I'll put designs, nonsense words, random numbers on them, and then early one Monday morning I'll place them in groups of five or six at many random high visibility places in my town and on select lawns of friends.  I really like the idea of people going to work on Monday being greeted by groups of my cats, fish, and birds.  I also plan to take photos of these when I put them up and to take photos of them through out the days to see how long they last.

I want to show people that art is whatever you make it.  That it's not just for galleries, museums, and for the homes of rich people.  And maybe I'll inspire someone else to start making art or to at least appreciate art more.

That's why I started the fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.  Now, you may be wondering why I'm trying to raise $1100 for this project.  The answer is simple, I can't afford to do this by myself.  Foamcore poster board runs $3 a pop and I'll need around 100 to 125 of them.  Paints, markers, and sign holders also cost money, they don't give that shit to me because I'm so good looking, I have to pay for it.  Also, I want to use some of the many illustrations or photos that I've scanned through out the years to put on some of the cutouts, and to do that I need to be able to print them off my computer.  And to do that I need to get a new printer and some extra ink cartridges since my old printer gave up the ghost years ago.  I also want to be able to print off stickers of designs I've done and adorn some of the cutouts with them, so I'll need to buy the program that will let me do that and I'll need sticker paper to print on.  Since I am on a fixed income I have very little money to spend on all that stuff, so that's why I'm asking a lot of people to chip in a little bit each to make this project a success.

Click on the Indiegogo box on the top left column on the blog and give what you can.  Thanks.

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C said...

What a great idea, Dr MVM, I love it!
I would help fund it if I could, but I'm on no income at all at the moment (freelance work has dried up for a while) and have the same problems trying to afford art materials in order to make more art...a catch 22 situation. So can I just send you my moral support across the waves for now and wish you lots of luck with your cut out cats et al!