Friday, July 20, 2012

No sale

 Crazy, obsolete, and just plain crazy products from the 1968 Spencer's Gift Catalog.

 It's a Rolodex with pictures!
What's a Rolodex?
Shut up goddamnit.

 Holy shit, how powerful an acid was this stuff?  'Harmless to surrounding vegetation' my ass.

 It's an astoundingly stupid product.  "I won't get burned, I promise." 

 Get a more flattering figure by dressing up like the Michelin man!

 "What's a typewriter?"
Shut up goddamnit.

Mmmm, this omelet tastes extra chemical-ly.  


Devilham said...

It's a Rolodex with pictures!
What's a Rolodex?
Shut up goddamnit.

Seriously, haven't seen one of those in a dog's age

jadedj said...

Ah yes, the Michelin Man. I thought he (?) was just damned creepy.

kirby said...

Except for the spray on teflon, I'm old enough to remember all of those product adds.

C said...

Oh, these are priceless! Unfortunately I just can't stop myself from wondering how the Slender Suit must have felt (and smelt) after a busy day working up a sweat inside it. Hmm.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Some folks dig the smell of other people's sweat C. It's crazy, I know.

Professor Chaos said...

I didn't know Spencer's ever sold products that weren't plastic dog poop or things with dick jokes on them.

Dr. MVM said...

Well now you do Professor.

Caffeinated Joe said...

I actually have the photo rolodex thing. Have had it for like 30 years, with the same pics still inside. :)