Monday, July 16, 2012

Fantasy football team name suggestions

It's almost time for NFL pre season camp to open and that means fantasy football is just around the corner.  So while you pore over stats and carefully consider who to draft, I'll provide you with a name for your team.  Here you go:

  • The Brawlers
  • The Baby Eatin' Dingoes
  • Devil Doobs
  • Betty
  • Chili Dogs
  • Vaginal Blood Farts
  • Piquant Pamelas
  • Irish Zombies
  • Hanky Stanky
  • Kim Jong Swill
  • The Stiffies
  • Nancy Boy Nimrods
  • Cock Lovin' Christian Ministers
  • Bilbo Bigguns
  • Coffee Anon
  • Green Ink
  • Sour Pus
  • Grecian Grannies
  • Lady Penis
  • My Cousin Tried to Rape My Sister One Night
  • No Shit, He Really Did
  • Insolent Annie
  • Drone Strike
  • Turkish Tabby
  • Whiskey Marie's Boobs
  • The Drunken Bonobos
  • Doctor Monkey's Taint
  • Hey, Maybe I Should Get a Life and Play Dungeons and Dragons Instead
  • Holly's Psychosis
  • Beatin' Off


SkylersDad said...

I'll take Whiskey Marie's Boobs for 1000 Alex!

gmb said...

How about "The Tight Shiny-Panted, ridiculously Padded Homeoerotic Undertones?
Just a suggestion.

Jim said...

My nephew calls his team "The Fightin' Whities."