Monday, May 14, 2012

That was my last try

My older brother Karl never got over the fact that mom gave birth to three more of us kids after she popped him out.  And as a result he's spent the rest of his life being a miserable, greedy, selfish, humorless twat.  Every time there has been any kind of reaching out to have any sort of normal familial relationship, it's been done on my part.  I've had to initiate it.  And every time it happens it ends because he gets his tit in a wringer over some 'slight' on my part.

The latest thing he's pissed off about is a joke I left under a photo of our mother that he had put on Facebook.  He wrote that she had written something unreadable on the back of the photo, so being the clever joker that I've always been, I left a comment saying that what mom had written was something to the effect that I was her favorite child because I was the smartest, the best looking, and clearly the most talented.  I tossed in this bit so he would clearly see it was a joke, "I hope this never gets posted on Facebook, hey wait, what's Facebook?  Oh well, whatever it is I'm sure Steven will be great on it since he is clearly my favorite child."  When I went back to see if he got the joke, I saw that not only did he not get it, he dropped me as a friend.

I've spent most of my life without him in it and I'll gladly spend the rest of it with out him.  As I get older I've discovered that my close friends are my family.  He was just someone who I happened to share a mother and a father with, but at no time, even when we were kids, was he any kind of a brother to me.  I tried to be one to him but it's clear he never wanted it, so to hell with him.


Caffeinated Joe said...

I have a similar relationship with my older brother. He just doesn't care to do anything to keep the relationship alive, and I have tried, sending pretty damn honest letters that I was actively trying to save it. But to no avail. He acts friendly when we actually see it each other (about a year and half ago last time), but as soon as we part, its like we are on separate planets. I have given up the role of "peace maker". Focus on those who do matter.

russ said...

Man O man, we have similar brothers, actually mine is a bigger asshole than yours, and his sense of entitlement and superiority is astounding sometimes. Surprised after unfreinding you he didn't go to your facebook page and write something asshole'ish, or did he.

Mnmom said...

That's really sad. Some people just look for problems, and like you stated get their panties in a knot over the dumbest things. That's a hard way to live. I'd rather see the humor. And you my friend are FULL of life's best kind of humor - the ability to laugh at ourselves and our human absurdities.