Friday, May 25, 2012

More two fisted movie reviews

I quite liked this atmospheric cheesy little horror film.  It's about a boy and his mother who are being hunted by group of hairy unkempt dudes for reasons which I won't explain here because if I do I'll give the premise of the film away.  There's plenty of twists and turns and gritty performances, the best of which are turned in by Kate Dickie, who I have really grown to like, and the always good James Nesbitt.

This supernatural horror film is on the cheesy effects laden side, especially towards the end.  I highly recommend it nonetheless.

This top notch documentary on the artist Milton Glaser is fist rate.  If you've never heard of Glaser you've seen his work, it's everywhere and his work has influenced generations of other artists.  This film is highly enjoyable and informative with out being snooty or boring.

The thing I like best about Mr. Glaser is that he gives back by teaching other artists and that he gives away some of his best work for free.  He's a true icon and a mensch.  If you're at all interested in pop culture, art, graphic design, or people, then you'll appreciate this film.

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