Thursday, April 12, 2012

An open letter to Ashley Judd

Dear Ashley,

I don't avoid your film and TV projects because you're puffy.  I don't go to inhuman lengths to never see you in any filmed project because of your appearance.  Really I don't.  And please don't misconstrue what I am about to say or label it an attack on all women who act.  Ms. Judd, I will never see any of your films or TV shows because I think you're a terrible actress and the projects you choose to make, more often than not, suck. 

Don't get me wrong, you're well within your rights to make any film or TV show you like and I hope you keep working as long as you want because we all know how tough it is for a woman in Hollywood to make films and TV shows after the age of 30.  Many females see their career over even before they hit 30 because they committed the most grievous sin in the eyes of Hollywood, they had the gall to age.  So seriously, go for it.  Keep working, make as many films and TV shows as you can while they'll still pay you to work.  Just don't expect me to watch any of them and don't act all hurt when I tell you I think you're a Z grade actress who got lucky.  Let's face the facts, if your mom and sister weren't big country stars, you would never have gotten where you are today. 

In closing, best of luck to you and I hope you work until you drop, if that's what you want.  And I'll continue to never see the dreck you're in.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Monkey


Mnmom said...

I'll admit, I watched the first 10 minutes of her new show. Then quickly realized, after a 5 minute Vespa chase, that I hated it. It's crap.

Nan said...

Watched it last night because I saw Sean Bean listed in the credits. Looks like the network's wasted a lot of money on a steaming pile of fecal matter. . . My opinion of Ms. Judd isn't quite as low as yours, but without decent writing and competent ensemble acting to distract from her flaws, her mediocrity becomes glaringly obvious.

Professor Chaos said...

"BUG" was prety good, in spite of her.