Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lightening fast TV reviews

 Lil' Steven plays a mobster once again.  This time he's a mobster who rats out his buddies to the FBI and he gets put into the witness protection program.  He chooses to go to Lillehammer, Norway.  Once there he gets involved with shady deals, Norwegian babes, and he runs afoul of a couple of Norwegian cops.

The best thing I can say about this fish out of water show is that the Norwegians who are in it are very good.  The Americans, not so much.  I recommend it only for the Norwegians and their beautiful country.

A well known Shakespeare festival goes through ups and downs and it's casts and crews go through many interpersonal dramas.  It's funny at times, poignant at others.  I liked the first series very much, the second was okay, and the third looks promising.

My favorite characters are Geoffrey, Richard, the ball busting American female exec in the first series, Anna, Oliver, Kate from the first series, Nahum, Sophie, Cyril, Frank, and Darren.  My least favorite character is Ellen, in fact I detest her.  I make it a point to root for older characters, especially older female characters, but I really can't stand Ellen.

I recommend this series highly for the story, the acting, the gentle comedy, the takes on Shakespeare, and the Canadian-ness of it all.  It's very well done and if you're a recovering theatre nerd like I am, then you'll like it even more.


Nan said...

I kind of like Lilyhammer. We're only about midway in the series, though, so maybe my opinion will be lower by episode 8.

I do find myself wondering just how god-awful long are the winters in Norway -- Lil' Steven gets to Norway when it's looking like mid-winter, manages to engage in a lot of different activities, including acquiring a girlfriend (and is now going to prenatal exams with her) -- and the snow shows no signs of melting.

Will said...

Have Lilyhammer on Netflix Slings & Arrow was amazing, the first series anyway, was surprised that Paul Gross wasn't in uniform and it even had Don Mckellar

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I adore Slings and Arrows! Now I feel like watching it again.