Thursday, April 5, 2012

If the religious nut jobs aren't supporting Romney, then who is?

My crack team of pollsters and quiz masters has found out that the following groups are supporting Mitt Romney even if the religious right 'family values' voter is not:

  • the wealthy
  • the super wealthy
  • the really really wealthy
  • Mormons
  • people who pleasure their indoor cats in heat with pencils and the sharp end of darts
  • people with a shitload of money
  • yacht owners
  • people who use tax loopholes
  • CEO's of big corporations
  • sex offenders
  • ex sex offenders
  • raw head Rex defenders
  • the easily manipulated working poor who routinely vote against their self interest
  • gypsies
  • tramps
  • stevedores
  • wealthy dowagers
  • Mark Twain impersonators
  • those who have to pay inheritance taxes
  • greedy folks
  • people who want to kiss Suzy Kolber
  • pretenders to the throne
  • people who have thrones
As you can see that's a quite diverse base Romney is pandering to, so it's no wonder why he flip flops more than a pancake at a church fund raiser.

1 comment:

jadedj said...

You left out all those Jewish People who got converted to BeJesus after they the Mormon gaggle.