Friday, March 16, 2012

Asshole of the week

Poor Bill Maher. He's being castigated for giving a million bucks to Obama's Super PAC and he's being called to task for his misogyny, just like the fat drug addict is. Good. He should be. Misogyny is misogyny no matter who says it about which ever woman. I despise Sarah Palin but I'm not going to stoop to calling her a 'cunt' like Maher did. He is just as bad as Limbaugh when it comes to crap like that.

And guess what? Limbaugh and Maher also see eye to eye on the Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people. They're both willing to let Israel do what ever it likes to the Palestinians, even if it includes starving them, humiliating them, and slowly murdering them.

So for all these reasons and more besides, Bill Maher is the asshole of the week.


steverse said...

Bill Maher indeed, yeeesh. Thanks for the mention of Israel and Palestine. Israel's separation ("Apartheid") Wall is ruining Palestinian lives, but you never hear about it. Shame on Limbaugh, Maher and most of the media.

Mnmom said...

Whew! Glad I didn't get the award.

I hate all men who use that "C" word. That has to be the most misogynist and hateful label.

Nan said...

Maher's been on my Asshole of the Millennium list for a long time not because he's a sexist ass, but because he eagerly nurtured some of the worst of the right wing nutcases we see taken seriously now. He provided a platform, first on Politically Incorrect and then on Real Time, for people spouting ideas that should have landed them in a state institution to have their sanity evaluated and helped make those people and their ideas seem rational instead of nuts.

Jim said...

Maher seems to be forgetting what the argument is and what side he says he is on when he does his political views/comedy act.
Good Call!!!