Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Monkey Movie Review

A beautiful but aging actress (Miriam Yeung Chin Wah) seeks to regain her youthful beauty so she may stop her husband from fooling around, so she goes to see a woman (Bai Ling) who sells dumplings that are thought to reverse the aging process. It turns out these dumplings contain a very 'special' ingredient that's harvested in most unusual ways. The dumplings work but at a very high cost and then despite everything, they still don't stop the philandering husband.

This one of the creepiest most unsettling films I've ever seen. It's not hard to figure out the magic ingredient in the dumplings which makes the film all the more creepy, especially the scenes where the dumpling maker makes her harvests.

The performances in this Hong Kong horror film are splendid. Bai Ling, who I usually find as sexy as yesterday's leftovers, is smokin' hot in this film. She also creepy and calculating. Miriam Yeung Chin Wah is beautiful, sad, and repellent as the aging actress who wants her husband back at any cost. Meme Tian is luminous as the unsuspecting pregnant mistress. And Tony Leung Ka-Fei is one lucky guy because he got to do hot love scenes with all three of those previously mentioned actresses.

I highly recommend this creepy little horror gem.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

sounds like creepily good fun!

Professor Chaos said...

I saw that as part of a compilation of 3 horror films from Asia. I can't remeber what the collection was called, but one of the other movies was by Takashi Miike, and all 3 were really good. I'm pretty sure Netflix has it.

dguzman said...

Sounds almost as creepy as "Countess Dracula," which I saw when I was like 11. Really too young to be that creeped out.