Saturday, January 28, 2012

Business as usual

Bank of America is willing to work with, and by work with I mean bleed it's customers a little less, people who are in mortgage trouble, but they'll only do so if these people promise to stop saying mean things about them on the internet.

How very fucking nice of them. Bank of America makes a shitty shady mortgage deal that rips people off and when they complain about it they get told to shut the fuck up or they'll get no help. Thank gawd I never made a deal with those thieving bastards and since I didn't, they can't tell me to be quiet. So I'll use my bully pulpit to say that Bank of America is a criminal organization run by thugs and gangsters whose mission in life is to steal from the poor so that a few already rich white guys can get richer. Bank of America doesn't give a shit about anything but taking as much cash out of people's pockets as it can. They suck and they ought to be ashamed of themselves but instead they're proud as a peacock that they rob, ruin, and ravage neighborhoods all over this country. Fuck you and your sociopathic behavior you fourth rate robbing asswipes. I live for the day your corporation goes into bankruptcy.

Twitter is now going to censor tweets in other countries. But, let's be honest with one another, they're probably already doing it here in the USA as well. They say they have to do it in order to keep offices open in those repressive countries that need to censor their citizens. I say they're doing it because they put profit above all things and they don't give a shit about freedom or letting people speak their mind.

It's been well documented that people used Twitter during uprisings and protests. They used it to coordinate meetings, tell others where the cops were, and to get more folks out to demonstrate, and all these things are an anathema to repressive governments. People in our government praised plucky freedom loving protestors in other countries who used Twitter like that, countries like Egypt, Libya, etc, but they then turned around and demanded Twitter give them the names of people who used their service to do those very same things in our country. They are still in the process of prosecuting people who use Twitter like that during the G8 protests awhile back. And guess what? Twitter complied with their requests.

So yeah. Twitter sucks ass. Just like Yahoo who gave up Chinese dissidents, and Microsoft, and Apple, and all other companies that do the bidding of dictators and repressive regimes. People cry, "What are they supposed to do? They're just following orders given to them by governments where they do business." If they are a US based company what they are supposed to do is to extend the same rights and freedom of usage to people in other countries that hey do to US citizens and if the countries they want to do business with won't allow that, then they need to get the fuck out of those countries. "But they won't make money if they do that!" So the fuck what. Making money and securing profit is not the be all and end all of life. It's more important to do the right thing than it is to make a buck and if more people and businesses adhered to that principle, then this world would be a hell of a lot better off.

Business needs more ethics and we need to stop patronizing unethical companies. Do business with companies committed to making the change you want to see in the world. And if you don't fin any, then start one.


kirby said...

Of all the people in the military whose homes are in foreclosure, guess which bank holds the highest percentage of their mortgages? Yep.

Random Thinker said...

Co-worker of mine had two mortgage payments withdrawn from her account. It took her a year to get one of them back from Skank of America. And that was only because she refused to be waylaid by their diversionary tactics. 1) Constantly transferring her to someone new to handle the case. 2) Insisting she send copies of her bank statements numerous times. 3) Ignoring her requests for updates on the status and best of all 4) Giving her non working numbers to call. All the while treating her like a criminal. They are the worst bank ever.

dguzman said...

ALL these banks are criminal organizations, man. And Twitter's claim that they need to "keep offices open" in these repressive regime countries? Why? Don't they have the technology to just keep offices in non-dictator-ruled countries? The answer is YES, of course, but they're too busy kissing ass for money.

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