Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The usual suspects bring 'the stupid'

A person, a friend of a friend, on Facebook wanted to be cool and hip by knocking Christians who demand we all say 'Merry Christmas.' She agreed with our mutual friend that Christians are far too sensitive to people like me who refuse to say it but then went on to say that after all Christmas was only one day while the Jewish holiday this time of year is eight days long and so is Kwanzaa. Then she betrayed her true nature when she went on to claim "I personally think Kwanzaa is b.s..."

So basically she was okay with letting Christians have their holiday which celebrates the virgin birth of the son o' God and with the Jewish holiday which celebrates having a miraculous amount of oil for their lamps, both stories are religious fairy tales, but she's not okay with African Americans celebrating their African heritage. Nice racism you got there girl.

Another friend posted about his son's school, the Gideons had dropped off a bunch of Christian bibles to be given away to the kids. One mother, a non believer was furious that her son had been given one and she registered her dissatisfaction. Then one of his friends pointed out that kids are subjected to atheism every day in science class so what was the problem with them getting to see the other side of the issue.

Yeah, let that last sentence sink in.

As if science is intrinsically atheist because it teaches us things that contradict the Christian book of fairy tales. Teh stupid, it boggles the mind sometimes. I reminded this dunce that science isn't biased, it's impartial and factual. He shot back that evolution was only a theory and if not for the Christian bible we would not know compassion and how did evolution explain compassion anyway, did it evolve in us or something? Since there is no way to explain the facts to stupid people, I blocked him so I would have to see his stupid assertions. I sincerely hope the idiot hasn't reproduced, or if he has, I hope his kids evolve more than he has.


Caffeinated Joe said...

It is hard to talk with some Christians or religious fanatics who get pissed of if you just have a hint of what they take as a dis to their beliefs. Not rationality needed. Ugh!

Ricky Shambles said...

That hurt my head, Monkey. But I guess I'm better for it. Maybe it's just me but Teh Stupid has really gotten out of hand lately, above and beyond the fairy tale religion stuff.

Someone supposedly intelligent I know recently said in a post "The left will do anything to ban Christianity from our society."

And he truly believes it.


PENolan said...

I'm just sorry you are surrounded by folks who think like that.
Happy Solstice

Mnmom said...

So after reading about the school bibles and the atheist doctrine in science class, my eyeballs popped right out of my head. Without the bible there'd be no compassion???? What the hell kind of bullshit is that??? Why do Christians need everyone to acknowledge them all the time, every single day? I say Happy Holidays just in defiance. I should start wishing them a Happy Church-usurped Pagan Solstice.

Nan said...

Actually, evolutionary theory does explain compassion and empathy. There's a fairly large body of scholarly work on altruism and biology and why altruistic behavior benefits a species.

I no longer have problems like that on Facebook. I've managed to piss off all my more ignorant acquaintances and relatives to the point where they've unfriended me.

gmb said...

It's hard for me to believe people like this exist. I mean, I've run into some right wingers (have one in my extended family), but even though my family has a number of regular church goers, they would never compare science and religion. I assume it is a Northeast thing, but maybe I just haven't visited the crazy pockets around here. I can't imagine what it is like to be surrounded by this particular flavor of stupid.

UberDILF said...

Right wing zealots cloaking themselves in false piety makes my stomach turn. I'm pretty sure Jesus would have another "cleansing of the Temple" and toss them out on their ass. Then he'd throw a big party and make sure everyone had a proper drink.