Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shocking, not so shocking

Manga woman is shocked that the Obama administration has caved to the radical religious right on the birth control pills issue. They've over ruled the FDA and the Department of Health and Human Services won't allow women under the age of 17 to get birth control pills with out a prescription. Why does yet another cave on their part surprise anyone any more?

And staying with the subject of Obama caving, I'll be shocked if he vetoes the defense bill that contains the unlimited detention on US soil provision. This lose to an election year he'll cave and allow that bullshit to pass because he's afraid of being seen as being weak on defense. He won't veto and we'll all be rounded up before you can scream, "Dictatorship of the corporation!" at the top of your lungs.

The thing that really shocks me this week is the claim the progressives didn't do enough to get Obama to go along with their agenda and therefore they bear a share of the blame for his failure to be a strong progressive president. I call 'bullshit' on that notion. Obama took office and he and human piece of shit Rahm Emmanuel did everything they could to push progressives under the bus. It's hard to influence policy when those at the top are binding and gagging you. They ignored us and then blamed us when the problems started happening. Remember human piss stain Robert Gibbs telling the people in the professional left to shut the fuck up? Yeah, I thought you did.

The moral here is don't be shocked at what Obama will cave on because he's got no back bone, has no idea how to govern, and will blame progressives for sabotaging whatever he's done.

Vote Green in 2012. It's time to turn out all the liars and corporate whores. Occupy our government.


Professor Chaos said...

I'd be shocked if he ever stood up and fought for anything.

steverse said...

You're right. I've been "shocked at Obama" for the last three years. I won't vote for him again, no matter how populist his branding becomes. I've been wondering "where is Ralph Nader?" to no avail. You're mention of the Green party is interesting to me and I hope you keep writing about it. Also, describing people like Rahm Emmanuel and others as a "human piece of shit", etc. is needed now. Don't stop.

gmb said...

Obama started shitting on the gays before he won the election, and continued by having that asshole Rick Warren do the invocation for his inaugural. Sure, Hillary says some nice things now. Why? Because the gays got gay marriage on their own and don't need these fuckers, but they need gay votes. Good luck with that.
Then they shat on labor. Civil libertarians (aka Occupy), and women--started earlier, but this is just filthy.
I wonder who they expect to knock on doors now? Free labor isn't going to happen like in 2008.
As you know, I didn't vote for Obama the first time--voted for the Socialist Worker and Peace Party. I'll go Green with you, Dr. Monkey. Or we can coordinate a write in vote.
And Professor Chaos, I bet Obama would stand up and fight for himself. That's about it. It's always been about him.