Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What we're watching

As I've said before, I'm loving my Roku and the sweet channels we get on it. We're signed up on Netflix streaming, HuluPlus, and everything else we get on the Roku is free.

We haven't been watching many movies on Netflix or HuluPlus because we've been too busy catching up with or discovering new TV shows that we missed, especially British comedies. Here's a partial list of what we've been watching on Netflix and HuluPlus lately:

  • Breaking Bad-I'm watching this one alone because Sparky doesn't like the violence so much.
  • Murder in Suburbia
  • Red Dwarf-this a a clever British sci fi comedy from the late '80's that has a well deserved cult like following.
  • That Mitchell and Webb Look
  • Worst Week of My Life
  • Catherine Tate Show
  • The Librarians-A hilarious show about a dysfunctional library in an Australian town.
  • Book Group-A sweetly comic show about a lonely American gal living in Scotland who starts a book club that attracts a group of misfits.
  • The Booth on the End
  • Testees
  • Pulling-This dark comedy is one of the best things that has ever been produced by the BBC.
  • The Chamomile Lawn
  • Whites-A BBC produced slice of life comedy set in the kitchen of a fine dining restaurant.
  • Monarch of the Glen
  • Dead Like Me
  • The Kumars at #42
  • White Teeth-Re-watching this one, I had forgotten how great it was and how much I loved it.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs-I was 10 when this first started airing in the USA, so I missed out on it.
  • Twin Peaks
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Modern Family
There are no commercials on Netflix but on the TV shows on HuluPlus they do run ads. However, they're only a minute long, so it's not so bad. I've got over 190 TV series and movies in my instant queue on Netflix and HuluPlus has hundreds of Miramax and Criterion Collection films for our perusal, so honestly, I don't see us buying or renting DVDs in the foreseeable future.

If you're still paying for cable TV through some shyster company like Charter Cable or you're paying for satellite that doesn't work when it rains or snows, then you are a sucker. Buy a wireless router and a Roku box and stream Netflix and HuluPlus.


Who you callin' housewife? said...

Most of the non-U.S. shows I have never heard of and must look them up immediately.

We are behind about 8 shows on Breaking Bad. I've got to be in a really testy mood to watch that. I'm always riveted once I start, but its hard to get started.

We have the Dead Like Me DVDs and are slowly rewatching. Never did do Parks and Rec -- willl one of these days.

Kumars are great!!!

Say, did I ever thank you for suggesting Clatterford a while back? If I didn't, thanks. If I did, thanks again.

My new favorite is the British show the IT Crowd.

Keep up the good work Monkey!

jadedj said...

Netflix and Hulu has been our source for British humor for several years now. Two that weren't on your list that you might want to try are, Father Ted and My Hero. I think you'll like them.

ruby falls said...

I was iffy on Breaking Bad at first, but now I am totally into it. The badder White becomes, the more I like it. Let me know what you think of Modern Family; I must admit I watched it once and thought it was painfully superficial and the characters were too 2D for my taste. As far as 'family' shows are concerned, I adore Raising Hope. It's got the feel of Malcolm in the Middle -- i.e., parents who are people and love their kids, as opposed to parents who are facades who aren't quite sure what to do with their kids.

Also, Archer always manages to get a laugh out of me, plus the art is fab. And the cast. Also the League is good. And Party Down.

Dr. MVM said...

The things I like about Modern Family is the interaction between the characters, the realistic portrayal of the gay characters, and the kid characters. And Ed O'Neil is such a comedy pro, it's a joy to watch him work. I'll check out Raising Hope and Party Down and a couple of sci fi shows you and your clan have recommended to me in the past. I need to finish the shows we've started first.

I'll never understand those who say that there is nothing to watch on Netflix streaming.

Dr. MVM said...

Jaded-I've been a huge Father Ted fan for years. My Hero, not so much.

ruby falls said...

Perhaps I wrote Modern Family off too early. But, like you, we've got tons of stuff to watch. MORE THAN YOU FIND ON WEEKLY CABLE PROGRAMMING. I shouted that so fucking Charter could hear me and get it's feelings hurt.

Glad you're happy with...I swear I have some sort of mental block and can NEVER remember our interwebs provider's name. Greenlogopeople. I am seriously losing my mind.

Oh, and OT, I'm about to make some more pickled onions - could they be hotter, do you think?

ruby falls said...

AGGGGHHH. Can you edit out my superfluous apostrophe? C R A Z Y . . .

kirby said...

Check out Hyperdrive on Netflix. Ed from Shaun of the Dead plays a workaday space commander in charge of a bunch of misfits.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

That show is in my instant queue Kirby, thanks for the heads up though.

Centurylink is our provider Ruby. They giveth us our daily internets. As for your pickled onions, I quite liked them the way you made them the first time. We tore through that jar you gave us and ate it up within 2 days of opening.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am in awe of your television watching stamina! Impressive.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Can you get 'LUTHER' from the BBC. That one really impressed me lately.