Monday, November 21, 2011

Reviews you can use

I can see how a film about four bungling wanksta would be Jihadist Muslims might not be funny to some, but I found this black comedy to be one of the funniest films I've seen in recent memory. It skewers not only fundamentalist Muslims, it also jabs complacent Brits, doltish upper class members of parliament, and dopey police hostage negotiators who watch too many made in the USA cop movies.

I highly recommend this brilliant ensemble pitch black comedy.

On the other hand, I recommend everyone avoid this piece of shit:
Scarlet is the young tea bagger/libertarian/right winger/fascist masturbatory fantasy come to life in comic form. A hot young edgy chick with big tits and loads of sex appeal is wronged by the corrupt government so she leads the fight to over throw it. I'm sure when it's target audience, lonely disaffected males who vote Republican because they've fallen for the hype that Obama is a socialist who wants to take away their guns (but when I say guns, they hear 'penis and fuck white women'), reads this they do it with one hand while stroking their engorged Ron Paul's with the other.

The best thing I can say about this comic is that the art is pretty, sometimes.

I have mixed feelings about this series I finally saw:
I started out loving it. And I still do love the first series, the first six episodes. But by the end of the last six, the second series, I hated it. I hated it so bad I wanted every character on it to suffer long and painful deaths. I wanted to punch the guy in the wheel chair who kept spurning all the beautiful women who were throwing themselves at him. I wanted to punch the bearded idiot who was the boyfriend of the American woman in Edinburgh who started the book group. I wanted to waterboard the milquetoast literary agent who let everyone walk over him. And I really really REALLY wanted to push the sister of the woman who started the book group down an abandoned mineshaft.

It all started so well, a lonely American woman living in Scotland starts a book group as way to meet people. And she does meet and befriend a motley collection of misfits. But then in the last six episodes the show took itself too seriously and it stopped being quirky, funny, and winsome, and it became annoying and then even more annoying.

I recommend the first six episodes, but not the last six, in fact, avoid the like the plague if you can. This series is on Hulu and HuluPlus, but honestly, if you're going to Hulu, do yourself a favor and watch The Librarians instead.


Blueberry said...

Four Lions is a project from some local film folks associated with our Alamo Drafthouse theater. I loved it as well. The topic(s) are important but I haven't seen them really covered. Did you stream? If you can locate the extra features, I recommend those highly.

We will avoid Scarlet and Book Group, thank you.

phairhead said...

I've been watching "Whites" like a fiend on Hulu

Dr. MVM said...

I've been enjoying 'Whites' as well phairhead and yes, I streamed Four Lions blueberry.

Jay Allbritton said...

I liked Four Lions quite a bit too. I was surprised it hasn't gotten more attention. Good call, Doc.

Sleestak said...

One of the parts about Four Lions I really appreciated was how the family (mom a nurse, kid in a good school) were enjoying the benefits of the culture they wanted to destroy.