Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The internet strikes again

The idiot governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback, seen here trying to act all intelligent and shit, got his dictatorial hand slapped over the weekend, by a teenage girl no less.
Emma Sullivan, my new free speech hero, wrote a disparaging remark about him on a social network site and the governor acted like all petty tinpot dictators do, he tried to have the girl muzzled and punished. But when the outrage over the incident reached a boiling point, he backed down and tried to blame his staff for being over zealous. Hahahahahaha, yeah, right, It was his staff that's at fault. We all believe that.

The plutocracy always blames their underlings. The 99% has granted us freedom of speech, provided of course you don't actually use it. Incidents like this are why they want to censor the internet. They will stop at nothing to break our dissent and to keep their gilded privilege. But all their clumsy attempts at silencing us will ultimately fail because sooner of later, freedom and justice wins out.

And Gov. Brownback, you still blow a lot you dissent squelching asshole.

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