Thursday, November 17, 2011

99% Y U SO Surprised?

  • It baffles me that people are so shocked that the police have been so vicious in clearing up our pitiful little pockets of dissent. What shocks me is that they allowed it to go on for this long before they decided to act. And the other thing that shocks me is that people still believe the police are around to protect and to serve the public, they aren't. The police are here to protect and serve corporations and banks.
  • Why is anyone surprised that a man who is in the top 0ne percent is attacking the people who are in the 99%? Frank Miller is at the top of the economic food chain, he's not mega or super rich, but he's well off. Why would he not mock, belittle, and attack those who aren't? I expect they'll deify him soon on Fox Noise.
  • The prime minister of Greece calls for a popular vote on austerity and then before he gets to do it, he's sacked. The IMF, the World Bank, and the corporations who benefit from austerity measures will not allow the rabble like us to vote their plans for us.
  • Young people on the dole in England are being forced to work for hugely profitable corporations for no pay, if they don't they'll be cut off from any assistance. Indentured servitude, it's back. Debtors prisons can't be far behind.
  • The powers that be in Washington DC want to stop us from using the internet to spread our discontent and our videos about how they and the cops are fucking us. So they cry that internet piracy is out of control and it must be stopped, and of course in doing so all our forms of protest and linkage with one another are conveniently now outlawed under that anti piracy legislation.

Welcome to police state America.

Welcome to third world America.

Welcome to the dictatorship of corporate America.

Obama is not your friend. He's enabling all this shit.

You have only one option: STOP OBEYING AND START OCCUPYING.

They won't win unless we let them.


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure I am surprised. Labor unions in the 30's, civil rights marches in the 60's, Kent State. Go back even further to something like the Whiskey Rebellion, America has a long history of cracking skulls when people get fed up and start demanding justice. This Occupy Wall Street thing is just getting started.

Mnmom said...

My brother said there will be blood in the streets before we get anything like a real democracy back. He was right. Just wish the cops could remember THEY are the 99% too.

gmb said...

Living in NYC, I assume all cops are thugs until proven otherwise. Only safe way to live here.