Monday, October 10, 2011

These truths should be self evident

  • You can fire as many workers as you like, you can ship all those jobs over seas, you can cut the benefits of the few workers you have left, but in the end, if we can't buy your products because we're laid off, fired, had our jobs outsourced, and our benefits and pay cut, then you've only shot yourself in the foot with all those things you did to please Wall Street.
  • If the cops start beating 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters after getting millions of dollars from a big Wall Street bank, then people are going to connect the two and assume the NYPD now works for Wall Street and not for the average working stiff.
  • If you want to ruin a country's economy then you should start two wars abroad and cut taxes on the wealthiest people and corporations at home. If you don't want to do that...oh wait, it's too late. Bush fucked us and didn't even kiss us first.
  • If you're selling something, like oh, let's say a health care overhaul or a jobs bill, then you don't start where you want to end up. You start out by asking for the moon and then negotiate down from there.
  • If they're going to call you a big government socialist, then you should grow a pair of balls and start governing like one. We've needed FDR and Obama has given us Herbert Hoover.


Professor Chaos said...

Spot on, every point!

ReaderRita said...

Oh, yeah! Rock on, monkey-man...