Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nobody hates the 'Occupy' movement more than these two guys

Obama is bought and paid for by Wall Street and Rahm is getting ready to sic the cops with their dogs on the Occupy Chicago demonstrations.

The 'Occupy' movement shines a light on all the politicians who are owned by Wall Street, even the Democrats.


Jim said...

Totally agree about Rahm Emmanuel... that little weasel is a complete corporate shill, who by the way was Obama's Chief of Staff and steered our country down the wrong path.

gmb said...

Rahm sent the pigs in to crush the OWS in Chicago. Bastard fuck. I hope he goes down....and not in a good way.

As for Obama, never voted for that neoliberal monster and damn glad of it. He owes me no apology--I expected him to be craven--but man, he outdid my expectations. I hope he spends the next year on his knees trying to blow our dicks for a change.