Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Their silence is deafening

Of course the for profit media is going to be silent on the Wall Street protests, the corporate media is owned by Wall Street after all. What galls me about the whole thing is the silence from National Public Radio (NPR). Those cowards must fear losing corporate underwriters for their increasingly crappy news shows. Well, they may not lose any corporate underwriters but they sure as hell lost me. I'll never give those cowards another cent. Let those right wing twats Maura Liasson and Cokie Roberts make up the difference, they can use their corporate media salaries to keep the stooges at NPR going.


Professor Chaos said...

If the protesters broke a single window, they'd be all over it, calling them rioters and anarchists.

Mnmom said...

Raises my blood pressure. And you're so right about NPR. Sell outs, every one of them.

Jim said...

I totally agree... if there were 50 teabaggers out protesting somewhere, that would be on all three major (corporate owned) networks.