Monday, September 26, 2011

Public dissent

This past Saturday was a great day to hold a public protest against the legal fiction that corporations are people. A local fellow organized what he billed as 'The Rally For The Humans' and since I love a good public protest I went gladly.

What started out as an overcast cool morning gave way to a sunny and warm afternoon. Which was nice because it brought out all sorts of folks to our event.
This gal was serious and mysterious with her sign. I liked the sign of the guy behind her, the riff on the flag of the corporate states of America.
I got to meet a friend from the blog and Facebook world that I hadn't met in person yet. That's her with the big smile. She's cute as a button in real life. And very nice too.
The signs with the fewest words are the best, they drive home the message of the protest in such a great way.
This little dude is a friend of mine and I loved his sign that featured a riff on one of my favorite knock knock jokes. His mom and sister came to the event as well.

Speaking of that little dude's mother, that's her with a great sign right there.

I liked the fact that this guy dressed up for the protest and that his sign had such a biting sense of humor to it. Well done guy!
No local protest would be complete with out this little lady, our buddy Snad.

This gal had loads of sass and was dishing it out to anyone and everyone. I liked her a lot.

Very clever signs.
This couple heard about our rally and they drove up from Oak Ridge, which is about 110 miles away from my fair city. We also had people from South Carolina in addition to all the other regional folks who attended our protest.

One of the local corporate owned media outlets did a decent story on our event, which is a step up from the horrible stories they did on our rally to support teachers and other public employees a few months back. So all in all I think our event was a success because we got lots of attention and we raised consciousnesses about this issue. And it's always good to show folks in this area that there are liberals and progressives who aren't afraid to speak their minds and take to the streets when necessary.

There's a short video on our rally on You Tube. Click here to see it.

And the last word on the days events goes to hipster dude:
"I was against corporate person-hood before it was cool, so PBR me bitch."


intelliwench said...

Excellent coverage, Dr.

It was a pleasure to meet the man behind the monkey mask, too.

jadedj said...

The You Tube video gave me a good feel for it. Wish I could have been there. Very encouraging.

Lisa said...

Hooray for getting the message out! The mainstream media can't black this out.

Snad said...

The video was made by a University High student - he's 15 I think. He did a great job; kids like him give me hope.

gmb said...

Very good. Kudos, Dr. Monkey.

ReaderRita said...