Monday, August 1, 2011

The bitch slap of bipartisanship

The right wingers get 98% percent of what they wanted in Obama's debt ceiling deal and the rest of us get the shit smacked out of us by powers that be in Washington DC. It's all spending cuts. No tax loopholes got closed, no corporations are going to be forced to pay more taxes, no George W. Obama tax cuts were rescinded. In short, no new revenue, and working people and the poor get dope slapped yet again.

Obama is a fucking disaster for working people. A DISASTER.


jadedj said...

Make that 99.9 percent. In fact, I can't even identify what the .1 percent would be.

ReaderRita said...

The amazing thing is that the very people who are being screwed by all of this are the ones who believe everything the Repugnantcans have to say. Vote against your own interests! It's fun and profitable (for us...)!