Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy birthday to a true American hero

Today is Cindy Sheehan's birthday. I admire the hell out of Cindy and I'll go so far as to say she's a hero of mine.
Cindy stood up to the war machine when almost no one else did. She galvanized many others, including me, into taking to the streets, the airwaves, and the internet to make our opposition to the war known. She's been vilified, first by the conservatives who said she should just shut up and go the hell home even though the war machine murdered her son Casey. Then after the anti war Democrat got elected the left vilified her for daring to oppose him for not keeping his promise to end the war.
But through all the criticism, the death threats, the name calling, after suffering all the barbs, the slings and arrows, Cindy still stands firm and tall against the war. And I stand with her.
I'm proud to have her as a Facebook friend and one day I hope to be able to meet her in person to shake her hand, to give her a hug, and to thank her for fighting the good fight. If you hate her, that's on you and you can keep your hate to yourself and out of the comments section of this blog.

One day I hope the Nobel prize committee realizes what a mistake they made giving Obummer the Peace prize a few years ago and they take it back from him and give it to Cindy. She's done more to advance the cause of peace than Obama ever did.

Happy birthday Cindy. I hope you have many more. And one day I hope we have the peace you've worked so hard for and that your Casey gets the justice he deserves.


Jim said...

Good post.
I remember when she hit the scene roughly six years ago outside of Bush Jr's ranch.
I'm also a fan of her and regularly check out her blog, "Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox."

PENolan said...

Hear! Hear!

Anonymous said...

She's got guts.

Liberality said...

I can't imagine having my son die in a war for no reason other than to enrich the rich fucks who benefit from the war machine. She is a true American hero!

gmb said...

She has never wavered. And yeah, I wonder when (or if?) the geniuses in Norway realized they made a very very very big mistake.