Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July suckers!

I hope you're happy being free. Your freedom is brought to you by the Fortune 500 and all the companies and hedge funds that run Wall Street.

Remember, you're free here in the USA. You're free to consume as much as you can without any care as to what your consumption is doing to the world, the people we fuck over, and to the future. You're free to amass large amounts of debt and then free to slave away at a job that you hate so you can pay down the interest on that debt. You're free to think you've got it better than everybody else on the planet when in reality people in the most heavily taxed countries are far happier, healthier, and better off than you. They may pay higher taxes but they get a shit ton of services for what they pay. You're free to buy a gun and shoot up schools with it. You're free to hate me because I don't subscribe to your religious point of view and you're free to use your religion to hate others for being black, Latino, gay, or female.

Happy freedom suckers! And don't forget to thank all those soldiers who died in wars of conquest for your freedom, they died so you can enjoy the current empire that's built on cheap oil and the exploitation of workers.


Jim said...

Kind of like the Roman Empire, aren't we?
Give the masses bread and circuses.

gmb said...

Well, we have the circuses, where's the fucking bread?
And Dr. Monkey I like to ask people if they are still buying shit that has been rinsed with the tears of exploited Chinese labor. Hey, whatever gets them thinking.