Wednesday, May 11, 2011

If a tree falls on your house and you're there to hear it, does anyone else hear you cry?

Part of a dying tree fell on our property missing our house by just a few feet last night. We were without power, phone, cable, and internet since last night when the tree fell. They got our power back on around 1:30 PM and our other stuff came back on around 3:30 PM. We've been doing some clean up and we're waiting on tree service people to come by and give us some estimates on getting the rest of the tree cut and hauled off our property.

Oy, the joys of home ownership.


Anonymous said...

What a mess. At least the house was spared. Did it mess up any part of the garden?

Dr. Monkey said...

Not as of yet Kirby. Fingers and toes crossed.

Caffeinated Joe (Wings) said...

Hope it's just tree removal to worry about! Glad it missed the house and the people inside!

I have told my neighbor about his dying tree occasionally dropping limbs, but he seems to think it's no biggie. I toss the pieces that land in my driveway back onto his property. If the tree falls, I think it's far enough away that our house would be spared, but it will be annoying!

gmb said...

If the tree that fell wasn't yours, can you get whomever owns the tree to pay up? And, of course, home owner's insurance...any help?