Friday, April 1, 2011

Clown time isn't over

  • In Indiana a Republican member of the state legislature says that unless the abortion laws in his state are changed then women who are hell bent on getting an abortion will lie and say they've been raped or been made pregnant by a family member in order to get a free abortion.
  • In Florida Republicans are up in arms about a Democrat state legislator who had the gall to utter the word 'uterus' on the floor of that august body during a debate on women's reproductive rights.
  • And this from the Associated Press about my state: A proposal that protects teachers in Tennessee from being disciplined for allowing students to critique scientific theories — such as evolution — is headed for a full House vote.
That's right folks, women will lie in Indiana just so they can get that abortion they always dreamed of, medical terminology is smut in Florida, and in Tennessee, teachers who allow their students to equate creationism and intelligent design with evolution are to be protected.

What do all three of these pieces of insanity have in common with one another? They were all brought to you by members the Republican party.

Modern conservatism, stupid, shortsighted, and anti science. But you knew that already didn't you.


Professor Chaos said...

Gosh, I wish I was a lady so I could have one of them abortions! But I would never mention my uterus. That's just rude.

kirby said...

That teacher protection thing might not be a bad idea, because wouldn't it also protect teachers who fail anyone stupid enough to claim there's more evidence for creation than evolution? Oh wait, I forgot, that's not how it works. They're only interested in protecting people who want to send us back to the dark ages.

Lsamsa said...

Pennywise the Clown seems a creampuff compared to the evil that these current day repub clowns are trying to force on the American people.