Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today Wisconsin, tomorrow the whole country!

Hello everyone, I'm Crossing Guard Pete Hansen and I'm here to tell you why those Commie teachers unions in Wisconsin need to be busted before their lies and filth are spread to the other states. There are many businesses and corporations here in Wisconsin that haven't gotten a tax break yet but if we stop those fat cat teachers from getting a raise through their union then we can give that money to the people who really deserve it, the captains of industry and finance. From my vantage point in the school crossing that I patrol every day I see those fat cat teachers drive up in their fancy used cars that are filled with boxes of macaroni and cheese, the kind with the cheese in the pouch, not the kind with the powdered cheese, which is the kind I have to buy. I see them laughing and pointing at me as they walk by in their fancy Dan K Mart fashions. I can't afford to buy clothes at K Mart or Wal Mart or the 7-11. I have to make due with what I can scavenge out of the dumpsters near the zoo. There ain't no crossing guards union to protect me, so there shouldn't be no teachers union to protect them leeches who only work 9 months of the year.

Also, I heard they been teaching kids all about the homosexual lifestyle and taking them to gay re-education camps out side of Milwaukee like this one:
I'm not in favor of that at all. I don't want no kids of mine getting mixed up with the Roman Catholic priests and evangelical ministers who run them camps. No sirree, no way.

I hear them teachers also are teaching black and brown kids and I'm against that. Those colored kids need to be working, not getting schooled. Next thing you know them educated blacks will want to vote and shit and that can only be bad news for the rest of us parents of skinheads.
And lastly, I know they're teaching evolution and animal husbandry in schools today so if we break the unions then they'll have to teach girls home ec and stuff like that. And the boys will learn trades like cheese mining, cheese maintenance, and how to cut the cheese. We don't need kids learning about how we evolved from dino-monkeys from Uranus, and anyways all that stuff contradicts what it says in my Bible.

If we bust the unions in Wisconsin then we can move on to Illinois, Iowa, and the other 48 states!


Mnmom said...

The Red Tide! No wonder all those Wisconsin protesters were wearing red!!

On a serious note, I've never seen my fellow teachers at school so demoralized. They are so sick of being called parasites, leeches, etc for their $45K a year pay.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

On Wisconsin!

Mary said...

Good for Mister Crossing Guard! Someone has to stand up to those commiefascist teachers who have the gall to expect a living wage.

okjimm said...

ya... fat cat teachers..... boy&howdy..... they want my CEO bonus money and..... I will be damned if Some poor slob making over a million a year should squander his Bush tax cuts to pay for their benefits!!!