Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things I really love

I really love the art of Jamie Hernandez, he of the comic book Love and Rockets fame. I think his art is beautiful. I love that it's black and white, or as the kids today call it, grayscale.

I love that his men are strong and women are sexy yet normal.
I buy old issues of Love and Rockets in the bargain bins at my local comic book shop just for the art.

I bought an older collection today called The Death of Speedy. Which is where all these panels came from.
Someday I'll read the stories in the collection but right now, I'm too busy enjoying the art.
I love the attention to detail.
The sense of people and place in all these panels.
They grab me.
I find most of them extremely haunting and astonishingly beautiful.


Devilham said...

I love the Love and Rockets collection, my wife has been collecting them for years.....really good art. That last panel reminds me also of the artist who did the Black Flag album's cover art

Kal said...

Death and Speedy is their magnum opus. I love their stuff. It reminds me of 'Strangers in Paradise'. That Black and White work is often preferred to color in certain titles. Superhero stories - color - More live action tales - greyscale.

pureklass said...

That image with the "Death of Speedy" graffiti behind the two people is AMAAAAAAZING.