Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here's a few words on the situation in Japan from Dr. Donald R. Mitchell

First of all, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan was not karmic payback for anything. There's no such thing as karma. It doesn't say anything about karma in the Bible, so karma doesn't really exist.

Second of all, the earthquake, the subsequent tsunami, and the nuclear problems they're experiencing are Jesus's little way of punishing them for eating all that raw fish, foisting 'Hello Kitty' on us, and for not showing pubic hair and genitals in their filmed pornographic entertainments.

Third, and perhaps most important of all, it's important to remember at times like these we still need to hate gays, push for more tax cuts, and do all we can to keep those damn dirty brown skinned people down, where ever in the world we may find them, be it in our own country or in Iraq. We can't let our Christian compassion stop us from hating gays, taxes, and brown skinned people, even during times like these.

That's all. Now get back to work god damn it.


Duncanmusic said...

Thank You Dr Monkey for saying it so well.

libhom said...

Rick Warren must wuv Dr. Mitchell.