Friday, February 25, 2011

Quick question

Christians, homophobes, right wingers, and conservative political pundits are outraged over Obama's refusal to further defend DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). They shout that he's the president and that he has to enforce all the laws, not just the ones he agrees with. My question is this, why didn't they say the same thing when Bush refused to enforce clean air laws?
Where was the outrage when Bush refused to enforce the provisions of the endangered species act?

Where was the outrage then?


Nan said...

But what do polar bears and bad air have to do with what's going on in our bedrooms? If it doesn't involve someone's sex life, the conservatives aren't interested.

dguzman said...

There was plenty of outrage, but Faux Nooz wasn't reporting any of it so none of the other "journalists" covered it either.