Monday, February 14, 2011

My name is Dr. Monkey and...

...I am addicted to
buying bargain books.

I bought these three today for a dollar each.
I'll read them after I finish the history of the Atlantic ocean by Simon Winchester that I got at the library on Saturday, the history of the 1960 Rome Olympics I bought awhile back, the two Sarah Vowell books I bought in the past few months, and that copy of Blindness I bought off the Friends of the Library book cart a month or so ago.

Holy hell, if I keep buying books, one of these days you might see me on Hoarders.


Mnmom said...

Can't wait to read your commentary on Camp Camp.

Loves me some Sarah Vowell!

rob4drok said...

I almost picked up Camp Camp myself ... it looks pretty awesome. Of course, I only went to Jesus Camp myself, and that was kind of a whole 'nother (southern, white, baptist) thang.

BTW, if they still have a copy of David GIlmour's The Film Club at the un-name bookstore, I highly recommend it. Very good. Especially for $1.

Dr. MVM said...

I nearly bought that Gilmour book rob, I may go back and get it. Thanks for the tip. And one day I may write about my 'Jeebus' camp experiences.

intelliwench said...

Hoarders, schmoarders . . . all my books -- bargain, free, and otherwise acquired -- are just a clever way to increase the R-value of my walls!

SkylersDad said...

I feel a little weird just looking at the picture of camp camp.